Stylish Wine-Cocktail Bar, located on cosy the Plaza de Ole. Extensive wine list and a wide selection of tapas, with a twist. An experience you won't forget.


Welcome to Erase Una Vez

Published by: MPH admin

Once upon a time.. (Erase Una Vez) refers to a beginning, a start ... so we intend that the restaurant "Once upon a time" 'is not a restaurant like any other, but for it to become a meeting point. The type of service in which we specialize gives you a different way to enjoy food; eating out with company is a very Spanish custom, which comes from moments of encounter: not only do you gather to eat, but to enjoy food in good company. The restaurant thus becomes not only a culinary space but a place for reunion; meeting up it is the perfect place to talk about your stories, to remember, or to start new ones. Our public service is wide: not only do we offer quality restoration, but we invite the client to live an experience, to join a space full of life, to contribute their stories to our own, our Once upon a time..... "Once upon a time" is always used at the beginning of children's stories, refers to a principle, creates an expectation and is the beginning of any great story.